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Work in Sweden

Work in Sweden course

As a business owner or team manager, you not only need to make sure you are hiring competent staff. You also have to ensure that employees in your team can communicate effectively and that they relate to one another on both a professional and social level.

Underlying codes and norms

At Lingua Suecia, we understand the paradigm shift that many foreigners need when they either work for a Swedish company or a Swedish team. It is for this reason that we created a course that teaches people about the social codes and underlying norms of professional interactions in Sweden. Many times, these norms are taken for granted by Swedish employers, but there is much to be shared to give employees who are new to the Swedish culture an understanding of how we relate to each other and how we do business.

Understand the Swedish workplace

This course helps your employees understand how Swedish workplaces work. Course participants have reported that their motivation levels have improved and that they were able to confidently become more involved in their new workplaces upon completing the course.

When social interaction flows well at your workplace, the wellbeing of the environment increases for everyone. Contact us for more information about our Work in Sweden course.