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Vocational Swedish

Talk the Talk in Your Specific Industry

Many industries have important words and phrases that need to be mastered to communicate effectively. Far from being jargon, these words and expressions are used daily and, therefore, it is important that everyone in your team understands their meaning.

Reduce missunderstandings

If you have both Swedish employees and English employees, you will possibly have a situation in which a number of your workers’ communication skills fluctuate between beginner and advanced levels. This is when it becomes increasingly important that everyone’s vocabularies are at a similar level. When workers are able to communicate with each other effectively, the risk of misunderstandings and errors are reduced.

Lingua Suecia specializes in improving people’s vocational Swedish. When you partner with us, we will research your specific industry and organisation to make sure that everyone is on the same page regarding industry-specific expressions and phrases. Our teachers have years of experience working with adults in varying professions. Let us help you improve communication at your business through our vocational Swedish programs. Contact us for more information today.

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