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Work and Live in Sweden

Your Guide to Swedish Society


What do you need to know about living and working in Sweden? What are the Swedes like? Where do I search for jobs and what are the social norms in Sweden?

Lingua Suecia can be your guide to Swedish society. In this course, we will give you everything you need to know about working and living in Sweden. From information about the laws and regulations that apply to both working and living in Sweden to your rights and obligations in the country, we will give you the transparent, clear-cut information you need to make your time in Sweden a pleasant one.


Search for Jobs

Besides giving you a comprehensive overview of the culture and social norms in Sweden, we will also help you write your curriculum vitae and application letter. We will show you where and how you can apply for jobs, and we will also help you prepare for the interview.


Secure a prosperous future in Sweden with our Work and Live in Sweden course today. Contact us for more information now.