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Swedish at Work

Learn how to speak Swedish at work

Globalisation and an increasingly mobile workforce mean that cross-cultural teams have become the norm in many business environments. While your employees might have the right experience, qualifications and attitude, they may not be able to communicate effectively in your company’s chosen language – Swedish.

Interactive online learning programmes

If you have international employees who either need to improve their Swedish or need to learn Swedish from scratch, we can accelerate the learning process. Lingua Suecia’s learning programmes are interactive and available online. And, we can even come to your office for in-person training. The courses are tailored to your employees’ level of understanding and Swedish proficiency, and we make sure that all the appropriate expressions and phrases in your sector are incorporated into the training material.

For a team to work together, they need to communicate well. Don’t assume that someone’s knowledge of a foreign language will improve in time. Give them the expert coaching they need to fast-track their communication skills. Contact us for more information today.