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Swedish Pronunciation and Communication Course

Swedish is spoken by over ten million people and it is linguistically similar to Norwegian and Danish. If you have employees who need to learn Swedish or improve their Swedish communication skills, then pronunciation may be one of the core challenges they face.

We Solve Problems Together

Lingua Suecia has created a range of courses geared towards different levels of speaking, reading and writing ability. Throughout these courses, we also focus on pronunciation, which is one of the harder aspects of learning a new language. Our trainers will help you understand the basic rules of pronunciation, and we will practice it together until it sounds correct.

Good pronunciation is linked to listening comprehension, so when your pronunciation improves, you will automatically get better at hearing and understanding what others are saying to you.

Our courses are interactive and practical. They all have one goal - to improve communication at your place of work. The expertly trained teachers at Lingua Suecia can work with your employees to help them navigate everything from cultural norms in Sweden and the Swedish language, to ensuring that their pronunciation is correct.

Help your employees become independent by empowering them with the linguistic and communication skills they need. Contact us for more information today.

Vocational Swedish