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Our services

Improve communication in your company by enrolling your employees for Swedish lessons!

Lingua Suecia will come to your company to teach your staff about Swedish culture, social codes and how to speak the language. We plan the course contents to suit your company’s unique needs so that your staff’s Swedish communication can improve.

Work in Sweden

We provide courses on both the work culture and the social codes with regard to the working life in Sweden.

Vocational Swedish

Do you want your employees to learn the words and expressions that are specific to your industry? We can teach Swedish that is specifically geared towards the market that your company operates in. We work alongside you to determine the content of the course.

Further Education for Teachers with a Mother Tongue other than Swedish

We can help subject teachers, mother tongue teachers and study guides/tutors to strengthen and improve their pronunciation. We create measurable goals so that you can see how your Swedish improves. Our certified teachers are highly experienced and have worked teaching Swedish as a second language for many years; helping countless adults with their pronunciation, listening skills, understanding and grammar.

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