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Our Customers

This course has given me confidence and bravery to use Swedish in everyday life. Especially my verbal skills have improved remarkably. The best thing about this course was to get direct feedback and tips in the areas I had difficulties with. It was also really good to get to talk with someone who knew the Swedish culture and community, which was all very important for the Tisus test. I also felt like I had the ability to impact the content of the course to fit my own needs. The writing assignments was a very effective way to improve my vocabulary and grammar.

Armi Oksa

Do you need help learning to speak Swedish? This is what some of our clients have to say about our Swedish courses:

The course is fun and has given me the tools to not only hear Swedish correctly, but also to speak it with confidence. The course is fun and has given me the tools to hear Swedish rules and speak with confidence.

Martin Walsh
Swedish online

I participated in this course because I wanted to improve my pronunciation and feel more confident and independent in the Swedish language. I have improved myself very much, both when I read and talk, in only 15 lessons! In addition, the course helped me find my right oral melody. Of course, I cannot speak as well as a native Swedish speaker with a perfect dialect, but I have nevertheless learned a lot by using this course, and now know what the right emphasis is and how to say it. I strongly recommend that if you have the same problem as I had, to make use of this course!


Ruusom Zeray Gerezigabher
Teacher Nyköping municipality

We were contacted by Nyköping High School and were asked if we could help three of their teachers to strengthen their language and improve on their pronunciation. This resulted in a collaboration where we had regular Skype lessons during the learning term in 2018. Here's what the three teachers' principal thinks about our cooperation:

We have three employees who worked with Lingua Suecia and Caroline Ståhl to improve on their pronunciation. The employees have received individualised lessons based on personal analysis. The employees themselves have said that they have received the tools to help them to continue developing. In addition, as a manager, I can see that they have developed and have become more proficient in their roles as study guides and teachers. I see the entire exercise as well-invested money.

Nyköping gymnasium

It was a useful course and I have developed my pronunciation. It was presented by nice, special and competent teachers who gave me the motivation and desire to study. I recommend this course to all those who want to develop in the Swedish language and be able to pronounce in the right way - begin this course today.

Eshak Mahfod

The homework help in German helped me to develop my language and made me more confident in German. It is a nice study environment to be in and I got all the help I needed.