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Online Swedish Teachers

Lingua Suecia AB was started in 2011 by Caroline Ståhl and Gertie Kronvall. We are licensed teachers in Swedish as a second language and have many years of experience teaching children, young people and adults in elementary school, upper secondary school and at SFI (Swedish for immigrants).

Our Idea

When we started working together as teachers, we envisioned new ways to teach Swedish. This is how Lingua Suecia came about.

Our idea is to offer courses and training based on an individual or company’s needs, which means that our courses are very flexible. We want to give our course participants the knowledge and confidence they need to enjoy living and working in their new country, Sweden.

It is easy, effective and fun to study Swedish with us!

Caroline Ståhl gertie Kronwall

Caroline Ståhl and Gertie Kronvall


  • Caroline

I am a committed teacher who is passionate about my work. It is a privilege to meet participants from all over the world and to be able to help them and give them the tools they need to use the Swedish language.

Years Of Experience

In my work at Lingua Suecia, I greatly benefit from my past experiences across different sectors and within a variety of roles. I have worked as a teacher of Swedish as a second language, a job coach teaching Swedish at all levels and teaching advanced Swedish.

Together with my family, I moved abroad to study at university. During this time, I was exposed to new cultures and people from across the globe. This experience has served me well as I continue to work with foreigners throughout our courses. I use a solution-focused teaching method that has fostered good relationships with course participants and provided great results.

  • Gertie

Teaching and seeing how our participants at Lingua Suecia develop in their new language gives me immense job satisfaction.

Solid Knowledge

I am a certified teacher in Swedish as a second language and I have many years of experience teaching children, young people and adults. As someone who has lived abroad, I know how important it is to embrace a new country's language, culture and social codes. The frustration of not being able to accurately convey what you think, feel, or want to communicate is something that I have experienced myself. Listening to what course participants are experiencing and giving them the tools they need to grow and develop in Sweden is what inspires me.